• A truly unforgettable experience

    with Whale Shark
    + special 30% discount on your stay

Whale Shark

“Available only from June to the end of August”

Whale Shark Tour Program

 Estimated duration: 5 hrs

This marvelous excursion starts early in the morning. The tour is by speed boat to Cabo Catoche, an area where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Caribbean Sea. Here you can swim with what is considered the world’s largest fish, also known as Domino fish for its contrasting colors. You will enjoy snorkeling with them and appreciate their size and structure. As this takes place in open seas, it is almost certain to find dolphins, turtles and stingrays on the way. You will also enjoy a special snorkeling tour off the coast of Cabo Catoche, an unique and unforgettable experience! Available only in very few places around the world.

The Program includes:
• Hotel pickup at 6:45 am
• Shared boat transportation
• Bilingual guide
• Whale Shark search and swim
• Diving at Cabo Catoche
• Lunch includes: sandwich, ceviche, soda and water
• Snorkeling equipment.

After the Whale Shark search, observation and swim activity, a stop is made at Cabo Catoche where you can snork if visibility permits. Then, a break is taken on the beach where ceviche is served. After concluding this stop, the journey returns to the island and at Punta Mosquito, if flamingos are present, a stop is made for observation from the boat, ending approximately between 2 to 3 in the afternoon.

2850 pesos per person

+ 30% discount on your stay

Snorkeling with Whale Sharks - Hotel La Palapa
Snorkeling with Whale Sharks - Hotel La Palapa
Snorkeling with Whale Sharks - Hotel La Palapa

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